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Python Projects Python is an interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability with its use of significant indentation. It is used in various areas such as automation of tasks, building websites and software, conducting data analysis. Python is considered one of the easiest programming language for a beginner to learn but also hard to master. If you are new to python or want gain more skills then take for free our Python Crash Course For Beginners. The best way to master python language is by testing your skills with real-time projects or just of a project to do, but here you are going to see some of the top projects you can probably focus on as a beginner with samples given and source codes as follows;

1. Password Generator

This is one python project you should practice on, in this project you will learn how to build a random password generator. You will be required to collect data from the user on the number of passwords and lengths and output a collection of passwords with random characters. Skills applied are on loops and random in python. Before going for the project to develop for your own, then you can view this sample given below;
Check here; Sample Password Generator

2. QR Code Encoder

I know you have ever seen QR scanner or QR code, now this project is focused at developing a simple Qr code using python, you will learn to create your own QR codes and encode/decode information from them. The skills used are qr code library. This is a great project for beginners to go for, but before that you may check this sample given below;
Check here; Sample QR Code Encoder

3. Web Scrapping Program

This project is aimed at developing a simple web scrapping program, you will learn how to ask for user input for a Github user link and output the profile image link through web scrapping. This is simply a program which collects data from a web page, this is a great project especially for those aspiring to be web developer; but before going for it, check at this sample given below;
Check here; Sample web scrapping program

4. Tic-Tac-Toe Project

This project aims at developing a game by name tic-tac-toe, I know maybe you have played it; now here will see how you can develop for yourself. You will learn how develop the game with various players in the command line. You will also learn to use time and math modules as well as use of nested if statements. This is a good project to go but before that check this sample given below for the hints;
Check here; Sample Tic-Tac-Toe Game

5. Rock, paper, scissors Game

In this project you will focus on how you can develop a rock, paper, scissors game for yourself using python. Here, you will work on random.choice(), use of if statements and getting user input, this is a good project to go for as it will help you build on the fundamentals like functions and conditionals. But before you start working on it, look at this sample given below;
Check here; Sample Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

6. Online Shoes Shopping Website

This project is aimed at developing a website where someone can purchase shoes online and make payments online. You can either order it through address for delivery or even go for it yourself. This website helps in saving time and easy to access the system from anywhere and anytime but also it requires active internet connection so this is a disadvantage. You can develop one for yourself or company in simple steps, first check out this sample below;
Check here; Sample Online Shoes Shopping Website

7. GUI Calendar Using Tkinter

Here you will learn how create GUI calendar application using Tkinter step by step. Python offers multiple options for developing a GUI(Graphical User Interface). Out of all python methods in GUI, the commonly used one is Tkinter. Python with Tkinter outputs offers the fastest and easiest way to create GUI Applications. This is great project to go for as a beginner, but before that check out this sample given below;
Check here; Sample GUI Calendar

8. GUI youtube video downloader

This project it involves few codes that helps in downloading youtube video using the python Tkinter package. As you all know downloading video from youtube is tedious tasks. You can simply create your own downloader instead of using random websites which may lick your personal data. Before going for it, first check out this sample below;
Check here; Sample GUI Youtube Video Downloader

9. Image Viewer App Using Python

Have you ever thought of creating a image viewer using python? Now in this project will try to explain how you can create one for yourself using python. The skills used are Tkinter and pillow giving out source codes, but before going for it; please check this sample given below to guide you;
Check here; Sample Image Viewer Project

10. Make Notepad using Tkinter

I know you have ever used notepad before to saves your notes or even write codes. Have you ever desired to create one for yourself? Here, will see how you can create a simple notepad in python using Tkinter. Which consist of various menu such as edit, save, file, edit which using functionalities like editing, cut and paste can be done with ease. This is a simple and good project for beginners to go for it, but before that you can simply check out this sample below for the guides;
Check here; Sample Notepad Using TKinter


To conclude, these are not only projects in python; there are thousands projects online you can practice on and grow your skills before you call yourself a pro in python. Meanwhile you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel where we share our video uploads and holds live sessions. We covered other projects and courses in other languages. Thank you for reading all through, till next time.

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