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html top projects Programming is an awesome course to pursue, once equipped with skills in coding you can easily get a job or even self employment.
When learning programming projects are one of the important part of learning, since you may know well how to write codes for a particular language but it becomes challenging when you are to develop a certain project.
Every now and then you need to keep practising on various projects on your own. Now in this tutorial we will discuss some of the HTML and CSS projects that will help you to grow your skills. HTML is basically used for developing the structure of a web page while CSS is used for styling the webpage(inserting color, fonts, positions, padding).
By the end of this tutorial you should be able develop all of these projects to proclaim you understand html and CSS well.
If you are beginner then you can pursue these courses for free here; CSS Crash Course and HTML Crash Course. The following are some of the top projects for HTML and CSS;

1. Parallax Website

A parallax website is where you have images fixed in the background, whereby even if you scroll down the page to see other parts, the images remains fixed. You can achieve these by using parallax effect in web designing which gives good look to a web page. You can develop for your own a parallax website where you will divide your background images into various sections, padding, set margins, positions and other styling elements. Check here; Sample Parallax Website

2. Personal Portfolio

Personal portfolio is a kind of website for an individual or even company. Where you can share with others your skills or even samples. You can add your contact info(email, tel no, contact form), your CV showing work experience, level of study. You can add your image at the top and some introductory information. Check here; Sample Personal portfolio

3. Sign-up/Sign-In Form

When registering for a certain company or program you always fill in a form either online or physical. Is therefore good as a programmer who knows HTML and CSS to be able to create a simple form with various input types, check boxes and buttons. HTML and CSS are front-end languages and therefor form created using them has no functionality or validity. Therefore, to validate or make your form function you may use a high-level programming language like PHP, Javascript, Java. Otherwise you can create your form, with firstname, lastname, emailaddress, phone number, password, select option, submit and reset buttons. Check here; Sample Sign-Up Form

4. Landing Page

This is another awesome project to do when practising on HTML and CSS. Here you develop a landing page by adding the footer and header in the page. You will also need to dive the page into various sections, add columns, boxes and other things. When creating a landing page remember to use CSS styles well to avoid items overlapping, such as margins, padding, colors, spaces etc. Check here; Sample Landing Page

5. Survey Form

A survey form can be embedded in a website to help in collecting certain information or feedbacks from users/customers. In the form you can create questions, then you can either set if the questions are to be answered manually or if they are accompanied by select options or check boxes. You can use submit buttons for submitting the feedbacks, CSS is used to help the form to have a good look. Check here; Sample Survey Form

6.Restaurant Website

This is a kind of website that can be used by a hotel or restaurant to show some foods and drinks available. People who visit there can order or just be aware of what’s available and which is not. You can include contact information and even social media accounts, CSS is used to create a good layout, arrangement of items(containers), color combinations that attracts people, insert some images, links for easy navigation among others. Check here; Sample Restaurant Website

7. Photography Site

If you are photographer or videographer, you simply create a good website for yourself or others using HTML and CSS. When creating this website you can add images or videos of your photography work, you can include charges, contact information etc. You can give brief introductory information illustrating the experience of work and necessary skills. Css is used to include make the website look more attractive to the users. Check here; Sample Photography Website

8. A Tribute Page

This is the simplest project you can do in HTML and CSS. These website shows a respect for someone or an inspiring story. You only need HTML concepts and some CSS, you add the image of the person you are referring to at the top, then you give some introductory information, achievements and personal details. CSS is used to style the page by choosing a good fonts, colors and so on. You can create one for someone who inspires you or famous person in history. Check here; Sample Tribute Page

9. Page of the Music Store

If you are a music enthusiast, you may create a website dedicated to it. It needs familiarity with HTML and CSS. Include a background image, that shows the purpose of the page. Include buttons, links, images and brief descriptions of available music collection. At the bottom you may include, the shopping cart, store, job opportunities and contact info. Additionally, you may include other elements into your websites, such as a trial period, gift cards or a subscription. Make it responsive by configuring the viewport or by using media queries and a grid. Check here; Sample Music Store Page

10. A Webpage for an event

You can simply use HTML and CSS to create a website which is used to promote a certain meeting or event. You can include, the links for easy navigation and forms to be filled by the attendees. You can mention the venue, dates and time for the event. We use CSS to align items and add fonts to make the page look good to the readers. This page should show the purpose of the meeting, introduction and photographs of the presenter. You can one for yourself. Check here; Sample Event Page


Every time keep updated in our website to learn more projects in HTML and CSS. You can practice your HTML and CSS skills using above projects and also refer to the samples given. In order to become pro in programming always keep doing more and more projects with the skills acquired. You can as well take our full courses and even exercises. To learn more of our projects/courses through videos subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thank you!

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