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Javascript Projects Taking Javascript courses is not enough for you to completely become a professional web developer. Is good after you are done with your Javascript course you start working on projects that fits you level of programming. It may become hard for you to think of what project you are going to pursue after taking Javascript course, but now in this tutorial I will give list of several Javascript projects to start working on.
If Javascript is just new to you or you need to learn more concepts then I would refer you to start learning for free from our Javascript Crash Course and then come back for these projects. Javascript is mostly used with or embedded in a html file, actually it makes webpages have some functionality. Let’s now look at some of the projects you start working on giving out relevant samples;

1. Simple Calculator

You can possibly create a calculator for your own that you can use to make basic mathematical calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and give the output. Here you use HTML to create basic structure of the calculator, Javascript is used to make the calculator function while CSS is used for styling the background and buttons to make the calculator look more attractive and aligning items at the best positions. You can create a simple calculator in less than 10 minutes.
Check here; Sample Calculator

2. To-do list

You can use Javascript to create an interactive lists where you can edit, delete, add or even move items. For instance, you can create a to-do list to manage your projects, emails, you own portfolio, movies to watch on Netflix, your daily activities, hobbies etc. It makes one to manage its life easily and with time as the skills improve you can add more features to your project according to your requirements. For instance, a feature where you can drag and drop your items into the list.
Check here; Sample to-do list

3. Javascript quiz

Javascript quiz project is quite good for beginners. Every one need a good quiz which they can easily navigate. If you want to make money then you can create your own quiz project where someone can see your portfolio or if you are a blogger you can help your learners to easily access right resources based on what they want to learn by creating a small quiz to determine what their goals and direct them to the tutorials to help get started.
Check here; Sample Javascript quiz

4. Simple Digital Watch

Do you really wonder how digital watches we use either on our phones, computers or even hands how they are created? This project is aimed at developing a digital watch using Javascript, html and CSS; Javascript is used to make the watch function, html is used to make basic structure of the watch while CSS is used to style and align items of the watch to look more appealing to the eye.
Check here; Sample Digital Watch

5. Javascript Form Validation

Form validation applies when creating a registration system where users can enter their details like username, emails, names, passwords etc. You can simply validate your sign up form using Javascript. For instance, you may showcase when someone enters wrong or correct email by using a unique keyword or character like for each email should have @ character otherwise it says invalid email. When doing this project you can create a form normally then you validate the input fields according to user requirements.
Check here; Sample Form Validation

6. Simple Analog Clock

I am sure you have ever seen wall clocks, or even put on hands. This project is aimed at creating a such clock using Javascript, html and CSS. I would refer you at the sample given below to learn more on how to create a simple analog clock;
Check here; Sample Analog Clock

7. Javascript Mouseover Element

This is another bit of Javascript goodness you have come to rely on online. Mouseover effect is where hovering a mouse over a certain icon or area on a screen produces an action or result from the spot where you are hovering. You can practice each day on mouseover effect is very vital as Javascript programmer.
Check here; Sample Mouseover Effect

8. Javascript Countdown

This project is focused at developing a countdown, which is normally used in a website or even app to show the end of a certain period of item, offer by a company or even when approaching to a certain event. You can just use Javascript to create for your own.
Check here; Sample Countdown Project

9. Javascript Weather App

You can easily create an app to showcase weather conditions in various locations using Javascript. When you change the location then the weather display changes immediately without even page reload. When developing this project you can use popular API to get the weather. Here you uses javascript, html and css, see our sample below.
Check here; Sample Weather App

10. Javascript Animated nav toggle

Javascript is a very powerful tool to create interactive navigation toggles. You can possibly create one for your website, it makes it easy to navigate and engaging. Especially, when specializing with front-end development you need to master this concept. You may check at this sample here for better understanding.
Check here; Sample Nav toggle


To conclude, there are thousands projects to practice your skills on Javascript, research for more projects online to become a pro in Javascript programming, that is the only way to keep stuck on your journey as a web developer. We also have a youtube channel where we share our content in form of videos, kindly Subscribe Here. Keep updated for more projects and other awesome tutorials.

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