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Java Top projects Java is a high-level programming language, which has a high demand due to its platform independence and multiplatform support. Most of the companies are looking for individuals who can work on real-time projects. As we discussed in our Java tutorial it is applied in various areas such as; android applications development, web applications, system development etc.
While working on Java you should not only be able to test your strengths and weaknesses but also you will gain exposure that can immensely help to boost your career. Although Java has been launched in the recent past it’s popularity has grown due to inbuilt multithreading capabilities, being an object-oriented language, it’s very secure among other reasons.
Therefore, it’s good as a Java programmer to start looking for Java projects ideas to built some projects for yourself using Java. But before you start working on projects is good to have some basics and knowledge on Java language, start now with our Java Crash Course. In this tutorial we will discuss some of the Java projects giving samples for each, but remember these are not only the Java projects, since there are variety of them online and even can think of yours and work on it. These projects are;

1. Electricity Billing System

Considering high number of people and big companies that are using electricity in a particular area, it becomes hard for individuals in the energy sector to monitor and make charges for usage of power in that specific area or country. Therefore, this project is focused at developing an automatic system which is calculate the units consumed within a specific duration of time and charges to be made for those units.
Since, it’s protected by high security measures and controls, inclusion of the necessary provisions for debugging, high performance speed and accuracy it makes it more service-oriented and straightforward.
Once this system is installed it will automatically calculate the units, this means little human-labor is required to manage it, with time more features can be added according to users requirements.
Check here; Sample Electricity Billing System

2. Library Management System

Every school or institution is faced by the challenge of managing the books and any other material in the library. This project is focused at developing an integrated computer system that will maintain and manage libraries in any an educational setup. This system makes day to day activities by libraries and even student more easy and efficient compared to traditional library system that was done manually, since if you are searching for particular book or genre you don’t need to search in the whole library you just go the system and type the name or author of the book and shows you the list of books available.
This system also helps in keeping the records of the books borrowed and returned by the learners, it also reduces human resource for management.
Check here; Sample Library Management System

3. Supply Chain Management System

This project is focused at making management of big businesses easy that are interconnected over a network. It helps in management of materials and goods from where they are produced to their final destination.
It monitors the clients and dealers through out the supply chain, a particular company can communicate with it’s clients to see their requirements and deliver the products to them as per requirements. It is a web-based application which uses html, JSP, JDBC for the front-end and for the back-end it uses MS Access, it makes easy for the admins, clients and dealers to communicate.
There are three major modules that is, for the admin module where admins can check the product manufactured and that are to be delivered to the clients, client module is where clients can specify the products they need while dealers module is where dealers can update on the manufactured products. It involves various activities from the production, processing and delivery. It saves on time wastage, since necessary communications can be made online and also invoices can be send over the network and for the clients can give feedbacks of the products received.
Check here; Sample Supply Chain Management System

4. Create A Chess Game

Entertainment is very vital in ones life. Java can be used to develop various games, as you always heard of Chess game, here we will be looking on how you can develop it using Java. You simply convert a classical board game into a Java DIY project and play it with your friends. First, you need to build up a board and the pieces and then map out the movement of the pieces on the board. You also need to look at the game from the viewpoint of a programmer and create computer algorithms.
Check here; Sample Chess Game

5. School Management System

Some of the educational institutions have very many students and staffs. These project is aimed at developing a computerized system that will manage the students, faculties, funds and staffs in a school. It really helps managing the fee paid by the students, number of students, number of staffs either teaching/non-teaching. While developing the project you will learn collection methods in Java and object-oriented programming concepts.
Check here; Sample School Management System

6. Bank Management System

Perhaps one of the simplest software that one can work with is one that allows one to deal with bank accounts and transactions around them. Designing a robust system that allows you to engage in transactions is something that every beginner should get started with. This system is a web-based project that allows to automate all activities in a particular bank.
With the system someone should be able to deposit and even withdraw anytime they are in need. You can also make validations to allow particular amounts of money to be transacted and also calculation of interest and the balance over a period of time. These system is not only limited to those specifications, you can make other improvements as per requirement of a certain bank.
For instance, you may system that support multiple account types or even feature where one can make withdrawals upon maturation date and also be able to produce the transaction history.
Check here; Sample Bank Management System

7. Chatting Application

I know you have ever used a chatting application. For instance, we have messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and even other companies that have live support chat system. Now in this project we are focused to develop such an application, Java has quite intense support for network-based libraries too. However, instead of basic request-based communication, this application will need to communicate through sockets. There are various ways to implement this and probably one of the best ways for the people to learn the networking functionality available with Java.
A good GUI works wonders in improving the project and making improvements that will appeal the users of the system. The system should be added a feature that supports file transfer such as songs and clips instead of normal chat messages. Can be embedded in a website or application to enable interconnection of users and admins over network.
Check here; Sample Chatting Application

8. Email-client System

Recently, many formal communications are made via email. therefore, when designing a system that allows dealing with emails not only add a decent project to your resume but also helps you to explore some unexplored parts of Java that are not available online.
This system helps in automating sending of emails to users as per their choice. You can also add a feature that creates and store emails as drafts and schedules to be send later. These system helps in reducing human resource since the emails are send anytime as per the system, this helps in management of people especially when dealing with huge number over network.
Check here; Sample Email-client System

9. Snake Game Project

Snake game is a classic android phone game. Maybe you have ever played it before. Now this project is focused at developing one. The snake looks for food which is called tokens. This project is a much advanced than other projects this will be shown upon completion of the game. Here, you will be implementing Java swing concepts and OOPs concepts.
Check here; Sample Snake Game

10. Online Quiz System

This is a web-based application in Java. This project is aimed at producing a discussion platform with several quiz questions on various topics, subjects and concepts. It provides a user-friendly environment of Bluebook implementation, and the project overall manual effort. For instance, those looking forward to do mock tests, this is a very useful project for practising mock quiz tests. It’s user includes; administrators, institutions, organizations, academicians etc. It provides accessibility to the admins with valid user id and password. For better understanding check at our sample project provided before you start working on your own.
Check here; Sample Online Quiz System


These are not only projects you can work in Java but also you can research more projects to work on and also keep on visiting our site for more projects. It is very helpful when you master all Java concepts through developing real-time projects. Make use of our Java tutorial to gain more skills and concepts in Java language. You may be interested with our video tutorials and live sessions we regularly holds, kindly subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thank you!

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