Terms Of Use

Learntechphilloh program is designed for all people of any age who are interested in learning programming, our program is open and free for any who wish to add some skills in their programming journey, through provided examples and projects. It is just like any other programming website, growing very fast to enrich many lives across the globe with the coding skills. We accept any type type of questions from our students. It is the organization of many program, who had a meeting and agreed to come up with the following terms and conditions, they include;

  • Anywhere you find issues with the examples given and even syntaxes, you are supposed to inform the concerned persons immediately for an action. As is our pleasure and desires to provide quality and useful coding styles which will help in better understanding of the programming language.
  • If any is interested to join the paid courses, they are supposed to submit their required details to our management for them to be added to the list. Some of the details required may include; Full names, email address, country name, phone number and then the registration fee. Under no conditions anyone will be added to the paid courses without paying the registration fee.
  • In our program we provide learning of all programming languages, but currently we have not covered all but bear with as with time we will be updating on any new language we have covered in full.
  • After covering every language we have covered in full, we will have a live session for the same in our YouTube channel is therefore advisable you subscribe to our channel to avoid missing any session we hold, follow this link to subscribe; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHEbxRBbtkn11kPTIxnCERQ
  • For any announcement we make it in our social media platforms, that may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Linkedin and even through emails. Therefore, to avoid missing any announce in our program remember to get in touch with us in our social media accounts.
  • We will also be providing real life projects after training each language for better understanding, is therefore advisable to avoid missing this as, we will provide also the solutions to the projects, for reference to those who find difficult in solving it.
  • All our trainings and posts are posted here, this is the official website for learntechphilloh program anyone found violating this rules, an action will be taken upon them.
  • Program we are currently working with is program the world by Kinsley from Zimbabwe, any other program or person who approaches you in the name of learntechphilloh please report them to the appropriate authorities for an action.
  • All communications are made to our official email which is; learntechphilloh@gmail.com or call us/WhatsApp us through; +254746092415. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Conditions Of Use

Learntechphilloh program is to be used purposely to study programming and for accessing the real life projects and exercises. People from all over the world can access our program and achieve their desired heights in coding. Currently we are on free plan to training and educate individuals programming from scratch to a higher level of expertise. When we introduce paid courses we will update you all. Therefore, anyone who says they are send by learntechphilloh program to collect money for paid courses don’t accept, instead report them immediately for an action. Hope you understand and agree to our terms of use and conditions. “learntechphilloh home of basic programmers”