SQL Operators

SQL Arithmetic Operators


SQL Bitwise Operators

&Bitwise AND
|Bitwise OR
^Bitwise exclusive OR

SQL Comparison Operators

=Equal to
>Greater than
<Less than
>=Greater than or equal to
<=Less than or equal to
<>Not equal to

SQL Compound Operators

+=Add equals
-=Subtract equals
*=Multiply equals
/=Divide equals
%=Modulo equals
&=Bitwise AND equals
^-=Bitwise exclusive equals
|*=Bitwise OR equals

SQL Logical Operators

ALLTRUE if all of the subquery values meet the condition
ANDTRUE if all the conditions separated by AND is TRUE
ANYTRUE if any of the subquery values meet the condition
BETWEENTRUE if the operand is within the range of comparisons
EXISTSTRUE if the subquery returns one or more records
INTRUE if the operand is equal to one of a list of expressions
LIKETRUE if the operand matches a pattern
NOTDisplays a record if the condition(s) is NOT TRUE
ORTRUE if any of the conditions separated by OR is TRUE
SOMETRUE if any of the subquery values meet the condition

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