PHP Complete Form Example

This chapter shows how to keep the values in the input fields when the user hits the submit button.

PHP – Keep The Values in The Form

To show the values in the input fields after the user hits the submit button, we add a little PHP script inside the value attribute of the following input fields: name, email, and website. In the comment textarea field, we put the script between the <textarea> and </textarea> tags. The little script outputs the value of the $name, $email, $website, and $comment variables. 

Then, we also need to show which radio button that was checked. For this, we must manipulate the checked attribute (not the value attribute for radio buttons):

Name: <input type=”text” name=”name” value=”<?php echo $name;?>”>

E-mail: <input type=”text” name=”email” value=”<?php echo $email;?>”>

Website: <input type=”text” name=”website” value=”<?php echo $website;?>”>

Comment: <textarea name=”comment” rows=”5″ cols=”40″><?php echo $comment;?></textarea>

<input type=”radio” name=”gender”
<?php if (isset($gender) && $gender==”female”) echo “checked”;?>
<input type=”radio” name=”gender”
<?php if (isset($gender) && $gender==”male”) echo “checked”;?>
<input type=”radio” name=”gender”
<?php if (isset($gender) && $gender==”other”) echo “checked”;?>