Matpotlib | Get Started

What is Matplotlib?

Matplotlib is a low level graph plotting library in python that serves as a visualization utility.

Matplotlib was created by John D. Hunter.

Matplotlib is open source and we can use it freely.

Matplotlib is mostly written in python, a few segments are written in C, Objective-C and Javascript for Platform compatibility.

Where is the Matplotlib Codebase?

The source code for Matplotlib is located at this github repository

Installation of Matplotlib

If you have Python and PIP already installed on a system, then installation of Matplotlib is very easy.

Install it using this command:

C:\Users\Your Name>pip install matplotlib

If this command fails, then use a python distribution that already has Matplotlib installed,  like Anaconda, Spyder etc.

Import Matplotlib

Once Matplotlib is installed, import it in your applications by adding the import module statement:

import matplotlib

Now Matplotlib is imported and ready to use:

Checking Matplotlib Version

The version string is stored under __version__ attribute.


import matplotlib


Note: two underscore characters are used in __version__.