Introduction To C++ Language

In today’s we will be introducing to C++ language. we will discuss what is C++ language, what C++ can be used for, how you can get started with C++, installing software required and write our first program in C++. Thank you for being trusted user of learntechphilloh tutorials.

What is C++?

C++ -Is just a middle-level programming language as it contains features for both high-level language and a low-level language. It’s just a general-purpose language, statically typed language as type checking is performed during compiling rather than during running, it is case-sensitive and also a object-oriented language. C++ language is an enhancement of C language.

What C++ is used for?

C++ is a general-purpose language it is applied in various ways which are;

  • Games development
  • Applications and operating system
  • Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, chrome
  • Banking applications
  • Distributed systems
  • Database software

-Most user interfaces have been developed using C++ language. You don’t need to have programming experience in order to learn C++ rather you can start it as a pure beginner in programming.

-C++ supports OOP concepts like inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, encapsulation and data hiding which makes it a big advantageous to study over any other programming language.

-C++ although is the best programming language to make more time studying and applied in several areas with added features; it has some of it’s limitations as it’s syntaxes are complex, difficult to debug and also does not support dynamic memory allocation among other limitations.

How To Get Started With C++

In this part we will discuss what are the requirements for you to get started with C++ language; First, before you write your first program in C++ you will need to follow these steps.


-You are required to have a text editor and installed in your pc. Some of the best editors you can use are; Notepad, visual studio code, Epsilon or code blocks. They are used for writing the source codes.

-You will need also a C++ compiler installed in your pc. This compiler translates the codes into a form that a computer can understand. Some of the common C++ compilers are; GCC, IDE(integrated development environment). You may search various IDE’s software such codeblocks, visual studio code etc.

Remember you can install all of those software the latest versions from your browsers. In our case here let’s use code blocks which is available at; Download code blocks now. After you have installed your compiler then you are ready to go.

Let’s write our first program in C++

-In this part we will write our first program in C++ language using codeblocks, remember you can use any other text editor to write your codes and run them in any of C++ compilers installed in your pc.

-To write your program in codeblocks you go to create new file. Then you will save your work with any of these extensions(.cpp, .cp,.c). For instance, you may save it as mypage.cpp. Look at this our first program in C++ language.

using namespace std;

int main(){
cout << "Hey, I am learning C++";
return 0;

It will produce this;

Hey, I am learning C++

That's awesome you have written your first program in C++ language, in our next tutorial we will discuss basic syntaxes used in a C++ program. Thanks for reading through our tutorial you may follow us on youtube for more programming tutorials and remember to subscribe to our channel; Youtube Link.Hoping to meet you in our next tutorial.