HTML Exercises

Today we will see some of html exercises which will help you in understanding html course more. If you don’t get right the question we have also provided solution for each question. This questions may include;

1. Write different headings from heading 1 to 6, in html. (See Solution Here)

2. Write your first website page in html.(See Solution Here)

3. “I am learning html” Apply the following formattig in the text; strike through, underline, italics, subscript, superscript.(See Solution Here)

4. Insert backgroung-color(green)to the following text “I’m a web developer” (See Solution Here)

5. Create a simple signup form using html with a submit and Reset button. (See Solution Here)

6. Create a simple table with two columns and three rows. (See Solution Here)

7. Create a simple Navigation bar with a gray background.(See Solution Here)

8. Create the following links to be used in a website; email link, phone link. (See Solution Here)

9. Print “Hello world” using html. (See Solution Here)

10. Create a button which when clicked it produce “An error has occurred”.(See Solution Here)

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