CSS Exercises

Today we will see some of CSS exercises which will help you in understanding CSS course more. If you don’t get right the question we have also provided solution for each question. This questions may include;

1. “I am learning Web development”, write this text into green, red, purple colors.(See Solution Here)

2. “CSS is used to apply formatting in a webpage”, write this text into font-size of 20px, font-family of verdana. (See Solution Here)

3. “Programming is my hobby”, align this text to the right, center, left and justify. (See Solution Here)

4. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Python. Show the following languages in following lists style; circle, square, romans. (See Solution Here)

5. Apply border of 2px solid around, border-color of green to this text, “I am learning css”. (See Solution Here)

6. Create a square then animate it to change the color from red to blue. (See Solution Here)

7. “I am an expert in css”, apply margin all round the text to 5px. (See Solution Here)

8. “I am an expert in css”, apply 20pixels padding all around the text. (See Solution Here)

9. “I like programming during my free time” apply 5pixels character spacing. (See Solution Here)

10. “I am a programmer”, apply background-color of red to the text. (See Solution Here)

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