CEO and founder learntechphilloh

CEO Learntechphilloh Philiph Mutuku is the CEO and Founder of Learntechphilloh. A online site which is used for teaching and training of Programming courses and any other content related to computer programming and general computer knowledge at large.
The idea came after there was increased demand for learning coding as our world keeps on advancing into technological world. Many people across world have been faced by challenges as to where they will learn coding with best experience ever, now the solution was to create this programming site that will help many individuals globally to start their courses freely through videos, blogs, exercises and even real-time projects that will enable them find a place in the Job Market.
More courses are added daily and still working hard to recruit more learners into the free program. Philiph Mutuku cooperated with several instructors and programmers to train on various concepts and come up with such awesome platform.
It has been 3 years now since the platform was launched and the performance is very interesting, more than 3Million learners have been recruited having the best skills ever. Do you desire to become a potential programmer or developer in life?