About Learntechphilloh Program

Learntechphilloh program was founded by Philiph Mutuku to help in teaching and training of all programming languages through live sessions and tutorials. You may wish to read about the CEO and Co-founder of Learntechphilloh program;ABOUT THE CEO I know programming has been a dream to many people and individuals, but the problem is when they are not aware of where to start on their programming journey. It feels good when you find the destiny helpers, here now is your program as learntechphilloh provides free training for those all who needs to learn programming. Below are the lists of our programming languages that we have covered so far;

Some Of Our Projects

We have developed several projects, and every time we frequently update on any project we have to do. Our projects helps us in testing our skills in a particular language. It also helps our students to understand the specific language more and think beyond the skills they have. With the help of our experts we have developed several projects which may include;

  • A simple calculator which we developed using Javascript, HTML and CSS languages, it is able to evaluates the basics mathematical problems.
  • A simple analog clock which we made using Javascript, HTML and CSS languages
  • A simple Digital watch which we made using Javascript, HTML and CSS languages, it is set to the current time and dates.
  • A simple registration systems with some validations, which we made using PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS languages, it able to obtain the data form and record it to our database management systems.

You may try those our projects and even think about others and try them using the skills obtained in our progam.

Our services

We offer a variety of services in our program learntechphilloh to help in satisfying our users. Some of the services we offer may include;

  • We train programming for free though our YouTube channel and our website through live sessions and shared tutorials links.
  • We provide real life projects to help our users understand more programming languages
  • We develop websites for businesses or individuals at a low price, if you wish to have your own awesome website you reach through learntechphilloh@gmail.com or call us through +254746092415
  • We provide exercises to our users to make them practice on their own and understand more on a particular language after covering the whole course.
  • We offer paid courses, which are advanced languages and giving out to those join a particular project and get paid but currently we on a free training and educating, incase we start offering paid course we will update through our social media platforms
  • We share links to our social media accounts for any update or any tutorial updated, if you are interested to get the tutorials into your inbox you may share your contact details or WhatsApp us through that official number.
  • We offer free live sessions through our YouTube channel named learntech philloh. Remember to subscribe to avoid missing the sessions by help our trainers.

What you will learn here in our program?

  • Various programming languages
  • Some of the real time examples with solutions
  • Machine learning
  • Data science
  • Full-stack development
  • Web development
  • Various exercises for better understanding


Learntechphilloh program has partners with some of the experienced programmers across the globe, they hold various sessions and shares their tutorial to the areas of specialization. Some of this trainers include;

founder learntechphilloh
He has qualified in the following;
-Machine learning
-Web development
-App development
-Data science

Contact Details
Email id: kimanziphiliphmutuku@gmail.com
Phone No: +254746092415

Name: Simon Range
Country: Kenya

Has qualified in the following;
-Ethical hacking
-Web development
-Game development
-Data structures

Contact details
Email id: ceejayranger@gmail.com
Phone No: +254724126764
Name: Kinsley zinzombe
Country: Zimbabwe
He has qualified in the following;
-Machine learning
-Web development

Contact details
Email id: kinlzinzombe@gmail.com
Phone No: +263785446457
Name: Stephen Mwendwa
Country: Kenya
He has qualified in the following;
-Machine learning
-Web development
-App development
-Data science

Contact details
Email id: lejoo2000@gmail.com
Phone No: +254794957771

Programming Languages We have Covered

Some of the courses we have covered may include;

Why Partner With Us?

Learntechphilloh program offers free and interactive training and education on all programming languages, we regularly visits our website to check any errors in our example given and syntaxes, to avoid future incompatibility with the devices and browsers. Therefore, all the examples given and syntaxes given are revised and up to date.

Our Motto

In our program we came up with a motto to motivate our users to continue using our program and invite more to our program. The motto is; “learntechphilloh home of basics programmers” with that spirit is help in motivating those who wishes to start their programming but they feel like giving up, to encourage them that this is their home and they shouldn’t give up on coding.