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Java is an object-oriented language that produces software for multiple platforms


Python is a high-level, interpreted, interactive and object-oriented scripting language


Javascript is commonly used for creating interactive effects within web browsers


C++ is viewed by many as the best language for creating large-scale applications


PHP is a scripting, server-side language used for developing interactive & dynamic websites


HTML is a standard markup language used for creating webpages displayed in a web browser


CSS is a styling language used together with html to create webpages


SQL is a standardized language used to manage relational databases


TypeScript is a Javascript superset which adds static typing


MySQL is an open source relational database management system

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Ethical Hacking

Machine Learning


Cyber Security

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Nick Pendleton

“Regardless, I’ve given the website 5 stars. For what it tries to do, it really does teach you scratch in baby steps in a clear, practical way with some good projects to test your skill. It was made clear in the description they’d be using scratch, hence I do not take off any stars from the instructors for that reason!”

Dewmi Jayasuriya

“I started from zero in programming. I like the way it was explained. I got interested in programming after several courses which I pursued through this platform and i really enjoyed them. Now, I am able to write small games from scratch which my kid is enjoying. Thank you Learntechphilloh founders!”

Jack Peter

“This website I found it so helpful. Content here is amazing and so much useful. Anybody who wants to learn programming and any other related computer knowledge as beginner should try learntechphilloh first. Thank you for making my lockdown so productive!”

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